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We are Harvest Collaborative.

The best ideas are born out of collaboration among a diverse group of thinkers and doers. Harvest Collaborative is a team of facilitators, strategists, experience designers and chefs with one simple goal: activate ideas that grow your business.

Mindy Armstrong

Mindy has spent the last 15 years talking with purpose. About lots of things, of course, but mostly about brands, opportunities, possibilities, the "what if", the "what can be", the fun, squishy, emotional parts of marketing, where innovation lies. An instigator, a marketer, an innovator, a writer, a creator, a seeker of new ideas. She's passionate, yes, but that doesn't pay the bills or put cash in the register, so it's with intent and grounded in consumer insight and understanding, in trends that have meaning and staying power. She's had the opportunity to collaborate with the best of the best, with strong marketers and stronger leaders, with big brands and little brands and along the way, she's been permitted to write about it and speak about it, becoming a nationally published food writer and frequently invited to serve as a guest speaker at industry events, such as Flavor Experience and IACP. Look for Mindy's writing in Flavor & The Menu and Fast Casual.

Lori Bailey

Lori’s background in product design is predated by a long fascination with food.  After completing an industrial design degree at Georgia Institute of Technology, Lori worked as a designer for several years.  During that time, she honed her illustration skills while becoming the studio’s resident baker.  That combination led her to start Sugar & Stamp, a cookie-inspired, creative food content business. Her days are spent recipe testing, baking, drawing and walking her dog, Camper. Additionally, Lori works as a freelance illustrator and contributes regularly to Eater Seattle.

Meaghan Kennedy

With a background in public health and industrial design, Meaghan Kennedy founded Orange Sparkle Ball ( in 2001. The agency focuses on design strategy projects at the intersection of brand, innovation and communication.  Over the years, Orange Sparkle Ball has predominantly worked with food and beverage and health organizations and has increasingly taken on socially conscious projects.  In early 2015, Meaghan and her colleagues started work on a design apprenticeship program focused solely on design for social impact. This led to the founding of a non-profit, Spark Corps (, in the spring of 2015. Meaghan has taught at Georgia Institute of Technology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has been a guest reviewer at Georgia Tech since 2007 and is a frequently invited to sit on innovation and entrepreneurial panels.  She splits her time between Atlanta and the Bronx.