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Healthy, Craveable, Fast Food

Meaghan Kennedy / September 27th 2017

We all assume that we have to make compromises, right? If we crave fast food, it won’t be good for us. If we want vegetarian, we have to sacrifice a bit on flavor. If we want portable, we have to go for pre-packaged and processed. Or do we? Not if you’re in New York.


TYME Food has taken a simple idea—fresh grab and go food—and thought about every touch point in the customer experience. TYME has both optimized business opportunities, and created a complete brand experience, by paying attention every step of the way. They created branding that was contemporary and stayed away from a typical “health food” look and feel. Their grab and go meal jars display the food beautifully, a perk for the Instagram set. The food is cubed, making use of “ugly food” to cut down on food waste. They’ll even give you a dollar off if you return your old jar, while also providing Pinterest-worthy, clever uses for empty jars. But is this brand all clever marketing and design and optimized business opportunities?  Nope; they certainly deliver on genuinely craveable food.  Like a next-generation Pret a Manger, TYME Food has set a new bar in the healthy, truly fast, fast food experience. 


The Bottom Line:

1. The bar continues to rise in the healthy fast food space.

2. Customers concerned about healthy eating are also concerned about sustainability in packaging and food waste.

3. Brands that consider all touchpoints in the customer experience will stand out in an increasingly crowded healthy eating market.

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