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We simplify in order to inspire.

We filter the clutter to get to the point. We use cultural snapshots to inspire you. We help you define a plan and work toward actions that impact and elevate your relationships with your customers.

We are experts in facilitation, insight development, and platform identification. Our agile process moves you towards new ideas that lead into action.

Our capabilities:

Facilitation & Brainstorm

Our structured approach allows participants to contribute ideas, prioritize them, and have a say in which concepts hold most business value. The result is a ranked list of actionable ideas, all with potential for immediate business impact.

Innovation Sessions

In addition to our process for generating ideas, we bring along a specialized innovation toolkit that can help you uncover useful insights for your business:

Trend Analysis

Our goal is to do more than inform; we aim to inspire. We synthesize current industry news, cultural movements, and trends into insights and recommendations that fit your brand and your business goals.


Gather: Data collection, curation, synthesis, identification of the “wows” and the “what ifs."

Harvest: Discussion facilitation to create a roadmap for action.

Nurture: Mapping your customer journey in a way that's relevant, real, and focused.

Grow: Identifying business opportunities, growth platforms and customer engagement initiatives.

ServiceProcess_Customer-Journey-abr.png#asset:276Our process for mapping the Customer Journey begins with understanding and leads to relevant solutions.

Work with us!

Interested in partnering with Harvest Collaborative? We'd love to talk! Drop us a line, and let's get to work making great experiences: