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The Crumb for August 4th, 2017

Lori Bailey / August 4th 2017

Today's Crumb dropped alongside a refreshing iced tea. Cheers.


Happy Friday! Help yourself to another cup of coffee (with some beef jerky, why not) and settle into this past week’s food news.


Droppin’ the Donuts

Seems like someone’s got simplification on the brain. In addition to plans to pare down their menu, Dunkin’ Donuts also wants to start going by just “Dunkin’.” After all, the chain isn’t just about sweet dough — they want to establish themselves as a leader in coffee and boost their reputation as an on-the-go brand. Beginning with a new location in Pasadena, the new signage is just a part of a larger test that will continue into 2018, at which point they’ll evaluate the strength of the new branding. So long as customers don’t forget the donuts.


Same vegan, better accent

You may know By Chloe as the vegan chainlet that made a plant-based guac burger look so much sexier than any beefy, cheesy burger ever could. The peppy, hipster-chic brand has already conquered New York and infiltrated Boston, Providence, and Los Angeles; this year, they hope to add London to that list. The projected spot in Covent Garden would be their first international outpost, with a good many more in the works. By the numbers, London should be a solid choice — apparently Londoners are a health and eco-conscious bunch, and veganism across Britain is on the rise. So long, steak and ale pie, and hello kelp noodles.


Anchor’s aweigh

In this week’s edition of who-ate-who, beloved craft beer manufacturer Anchor Brewing is getting bought by Japan’s Sapporo Holdings, Ltd. The San Francisco-based brewer is one of the O.G.’s of craft beer making (read: been around for 121 years). Anchor’s leadership says that Sapporo understands and respects the company’s values, including keeping main operations in S.F. And that the purchase should make room for further international expansion. All good and well, but craft beer purists are concerned about how “craft” Anchor’s brews will be from here on out. Beauty’s in the eye of the beer holder.


Something’s fishy

Technically, it’s not fish, it’s octopus — and therein lies the problem. Thanks to changing temperatures, the cod that typically inhabit British coastlines are heading north, while the warming waters attract different species (such as our tentacled cephalopod friends). Scientists have found that even small incremental temperature changes in our oceans (0.9 degrees Fahrenheit over a decade) are having significant effects on marine ecosystems, effects that will inevitably impact the already turbulent fishing industry. Looks like the future of sustainable seafood is heading into even rougher waters.


The mysterious case of the unmelting ice cream

In a time when we’re all learning to check our ingredient labels, one Australian woman’s got a different test for processed foods: have your grandson chuck ‘em out into the yard and see what happens. In this case, the ice cream sandwich in question didn’t melt as one might expect, and even caused “ants to flee in terror” (her words, not ours). The incident sparked an internet skitz-storm over what manner of unmentionable fake-food products could be hidden in something so innocuous as an ice cream sandwich.

The Crumb’s two cents:
1: Recognize processed foods for what they are and, if you choose, enjoy responsibly.
2: File under “Greatest Hits of Old People Facebook.”

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