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The Crumb for February 10th, 2017

Lori Bailey / February 10th 2017

A Taste for Immigration

Amidst the ongoing drama of the Trump administration's immigration ban, it seems that interest in the cultures - and foods - of immigrant nations won't be curbed. Currently in the spotlight: Syrian cuisine, thanks to the influx of Syrian refugees last year. See the New Arrivals Supper Club in LA, or these handcrafted sweets in Brooklyn lovingly made by displaced Syrian bakers. Food is, after all, a language that crosses borders.


It stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response," and it applies to a staggering number of videos (about 6 million on YouTube) whose primary purpose is to stimulate their viewers' senses via sound. And, naturally, one can find and watch strangers making and/or eating food, emphasizing pleasurable-sounding noises like sizzling, bubbling, crunching, slurping. Seem fetishistic? Perhaps, but there's no arguing that the enjoyment of food is a multisensory experience, a point food media creators should be keen to explore.

The Future Is Now: Edible Insect Vending Machines

For years now, advocates of the entomophagy (bug eating) movement have been calling insects the food source of the future for many reasons - nutrition, flavor, and sustainability being key. And while the developed world might be slow on the uptake, Japan (like many Asian countries) actually has a long history of cooking and eating insects. So, naturally, they've installed a vending machine that dispenses canned bugs. If you're curious, and find yourself in Tokyo, stop by Inokashira Park - you'll get cred for being into bugs way before they were cool.

Convenient Vino

V-Day is around the corner, and whether that means prix-fixe or Netflix, there's a pairing for that. And, as millennials take over the wine-drinking demographic, there are increasingly convenient ways of procuring that perfect bottle. Online wine subscriptions from places like Winc or Vinebox select from a wide variety of offerings to cater to individual palates. Just in case you still need a lil' something for your SO - or yourself.

Winter Weather Woes

Unusually strong winter storms have been wreaking havoc all across the country - and restaurants are among the victims. From heavy rainfall to serious snows, restaurants have been experiencing the gamut of consequences: decreased traffic, unexpected or extended closures, electrical outages leading to spoiled food. Whether or not policymakers connect these effects to climate change, it remains to be seen how increasingly erratic weather will affect the restaurant scene.

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