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The Crumb for July 21st, 2017

Lori Bailey / July 21st 2017

Today's Crumb dropped en route to mountains and campfire dinners.


Happy Friday! Cool off with today’s coolest cones and settle into this past week’s food news.


Drop by anytime

Think of them as today’s iteration of the community watering hole. These days we’re seeing an uptick in all-day dining, with restaurants opening their doors for breakfast and keeping ‘em open through happy hour and dinner. They’re designed with flexibility in mind, catering to many types of customer with casual, unfussy fare. Coffee and pastries? You betcha. A cocktail at 7pm? Got your back there, too—and everywhere in between. They’re aiming to be the new dining staples, those go-to spots you just can’t live without. Make it convenient, make it tasty, and the customers will come.


The future of grocery shopping

Just a guess, but it’s pretty likely that our future selves are still going to be dealing with where and how we buy our food. Recent grocery shakeups spotlight where customers’ interests lie: quality, value, convenience, and awareness. But how will those factors be addressed by the likes of national chains, delivery startups, and Amazon Meal Kits? Signs point to the continued rise of bulk foods, which balance cost-effective quality with environmental mindfulness; use of “ugly” fruits and vegetables that might otherwise go to waste; and continual evolution of technologies that can make finding, choosing, and paying for that to-go container of quinoa tabbouleh waaay easier. Now if we could just get levitating grocery carts…


Did we mention Amazon’s meal kits?

Because we needed more reason to talk about Amazon—coming on the heels of the tech giant’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods, they’ve now rolled out a meal kit delivery service. Talk about a punch in the gut to current market players like Blue Apron, whose stock took a nosedive after the announcement. And that’s not the end of their plot to take over the food world—they’ve also launched restaurant meal delivery to compete with the likes of UberEats. Someone sure is hungry.


Not your average banh mi

The banh mi, Vietnam’s blessing upon the sandwich world, has captured the heart of many an American with its delightful combination of sweet, spicy, savory, herby, soft, crunchy….we could go on. But, across the pond in Hanoi, the banh mi scene looks a little different. Think eggs scrambled with fresh herbs, or pork floss on a generous slather of duck pâté. Or, if you’re a hungry college student in the city, perhaps a banh mi-doner kebab mashup, or a version stuffed with sausages and French fries. Crazy, brilliant, and—in the heart of Hanoi—as authentic as the original.

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