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The Crumb for May 12th, 2017

Lori Bailey / May 12th 2017

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Give Mom a call, some roses—and maybe one of these rose-shaped doughnuts.


Happy Friday! We could all use a little pick-me-up, so fill up a glass and dive into this week’s food news.


For that friend who watches every superhero movie…

Got dinner plans? Tampa, Florida's Datz has constructed a monumental burger in honor of the upcoming release of DC Comics’ Wonder Woman movie. And if you thought Wonder Woman was a bit intimidating, check out this beast of a burger—standing somewhere around half a foot tall, decked in red, white, blue and gold, and run through with a skewer for structural integrity. Datz is no stranger to wacky, over-the-top food creations, with panko-crusted mac-and-cheese buns and doughnut-bun burgers already in their portfolio. Apparently, their superpower is super-sizing.


Winner, winner, methi chicken dinner

Somewhere in the middle ground between styrofoam-packaged butter chicken and made-from-scratch chana masala lies Saffron Fix, a new meal kit delivery startup whose goal is to bring the flavors of India to the home kitchen. They’re currently serving 21 states along the East Coast, along with metro Chicago and Atlanta, providing Indian-inspired recipes and ingredients to busy home cooks. Entrepreneurial duo Madhuri Sharma and Ankita Sharma aim to grow the business into a national contender (along with the likes of Blue Apron and HelloFresh). They are, however, willing to take their time, scaling when and how it makes sense while staying synced with their customers. East Coasters who want a taste of their wares, you can order today for a delivery by May 18th… just sayin’.


File under “Smart Gadgets No One Asked For”

It’s called Smalt, and it’s a smart salt shaker. In case you’re wondering what the heck a smart salt shaker does, this one plays music and glows different colors. Oh, and it dispenses salt. Any other questions? No word yet on the price, but you can bet it’ll go for more than the ones at your local kitchen store. Stay in the loop on product updates, or simply look at crisp pictures of Silicon Valley elites eating perfectly seasoned food. Once it launches, we’ll see if this particular gadget is worth it’s salt.


Food worker woes

It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is tough. And, in the world of fast food, shifty schedules and “clopenings” (where workers are scheduled for adjacent closing and opening shifts, with insufficient time to sleep in between) are currently at the heart of a petition in New York City that’s received 3,000 signatures. The proposed series of bills constitute the Fair Work Week Legislation, which would require restaurant employers to give two weeks’ notice of schedules, prioritize current employees when filling shifts, and discourage clopenings. Critics say the legislation puts undue pressure on employers and may end up hurting those it’s intended to benefit. Proponents say this is about having a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to the fast food workforce.


Pregaming for Friday night?

Some inspirational reading. Let DJ Dumpling be your hard-partying spirit guide.

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