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The Crumb for May 19th, 2017

Lori Bailey / May 19th 2017

Happy Friday! Pull up a comfy chair and settle into this past week’s food news.


Cookie crimes

What would you do for a lifetime supply of Girl Scout Cookies? For one Leah Ann Vick, that answer would apparently be “commit a felony.” Vick, a Girl Scout troop leader in Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council, has been indicted of stealing $15,000 worth of cookies back in February. Authorities were initially a bit baffled by the premeditated cookie heist—after all, who would dare steal cookies from innocent, enterprising young girls? But steal them she did, and neither Vick nor the cookies have yet been found. Here’s hoping justice will eventually be served. Oh, and that someone will write a movie script for The Italian (Wedding Cookie) Job.


Ethnic is the new healthy

Used to be that shaving a few calories or some saturated fat off an ingredient label counted as "healthy," but no more. These days, it’s all about nutrient-dense ingredients and foods from faraway places that seem to have the health vibe all figured out. Cue these ethnic cuisines that are inspiring healthy(ish) menu items across the country. Think Japanese onigiri with brown rice; tangy, spicy Vietnamese green papaya salads; or gluten-free, dairy-free Peruvian ceviche. Flavor, healthfulness, and unique experiences: diners want it all, and global cuisines are delivering the goods.


Waste not, want not

If you thought eating nose-to-tail was edgy, make way for the zero-waste movement. And what better way to minimize waste than to cook with… waste? Check out Chef Phillip Foss of EL Ideas incorporating ambergris into his high-end, experimental dining. (If you’re curious, ambergris is essentially a very pretty word for “sperm whale excrement. It also happens to be super rare and valuable, if that helps.) Foss infuses it into a steamy, briny broth—think essence of ocean—the scent of which enhances the flavor of a perfectly prepared cut of fish. Hungry yet? It might sound crazy, but it’s the sort of inventiveness that might just bring us closer to zero-waste utopia.


The price of priceless

Wondering what's up with all the food photos from Tulum, Mexico? For the past month, chef and culinary force Rene Redzepi has been running a pop-up of his acclaimed restaurant, Noma, in Tulum. Reservations—which are all booked, sadly, but in case you’re still curious—went for $600. And that’s not even counting tax, gratuity, airfare, and maybe a place to sleep after you’d eaten and 'grammed to your heart's content. Which begs the question: how does one measure the worth of a meal? Jacob Richler of the Toronto Star weighs in on the dining experience of a lifetime in one of today’s most influential restaurants. (Noma Tulum’s pop-up run ends May 28th; apparently, you can still snag a seat at the bar.)


When robots take over the world...

...Our menus might look like this.

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